Your Quick Guide to Cannabis Delivery in Colorado

Every year, the news is full of information about which states have recently legalized cannabis and helpful tips for accessing it in these new states. It can be easy to miss local Colorado cannabis developments in all the noise. 

That’s a shame because Colorado has seen some impressive advances recently. Not only is cannabis legal both medicinally and recreationally, but cannabis delivery in Colorado has also become legal under specific circumstances. 

This is an excellent development for users of all types. Having cannabis delivered to your doorstep is convenient. There’s no need for medical users to make the difficult journey out of their homes. Recreational users can avoid the need for a designated driver if they run out. It’s a win for everyone, and a recent Colorado law is expanding access to this service. 

Colorado’s New Cannabis Delivery Law

As of May 29th, 2019, Colorado made cannabis delivery legal under certain circumstances with House Bill 1234 (HB 1234). But why is cannabis delivery only just becoming a thing a year later? Because HB 1234 stated that only medical cannabis could be delivered in 2020 and only in certain locations. 

Luckily for Colorado residents, those pilot locations were hugely successful. Recreational cannabis delivery opened up in January of 2021. The application process takes several months, but cannabis businesses around the state are finally getting their licenses to deliver recreational marijuana.

The question is whether you can get your hands on that sweet delivery. The problem is that HB 1234 states that marijuana delivery is an opt-in service. Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado have to wait for their local municipality to choose to allow delivery before they can apply for the license. Boulder, Longmont, Aurora, and Superior have all opted in for both medical and recreational delivery—but other municipalities like Denver are slower on the uptake. 

If you’re in one of those four cities, getting medical or recreational cannabis delivered is as simple as visiting the dispensary’s website and making a purchase like normal. Medical users need to provide their medical card number, while recreational users need to prove they’re 21. Other than that, it’s as simple as buying something off Amazon. 

In other cities, you’re not so lucky. You’ll still need to go pick up your own cannabis at the dispensary. While businesses around the state campaign for their municipalities to opt-in to delivery, they’re still offering curbside pickup and online ordering. It’s not quite as convenient as delivery, but until people speak up and convince local officials to opt into the new law, it’s the best alternative.  

Take Advantage of Colorado Cannabis Today

Cannabis delivery in Colorado is slowly but surely spreading, but it’s not everywhere. If delivery isn’t available in your area yet, you can still order cannabis online and pick it up. You can even have a friend swing by and grab it for you. 

Why not take advantage of this wonder of the internet age and order cannabis online from Frost Denver Dispensary’s new Denver location? While you wait for Denver to approve delivery of medical and recreational cannabis, Frost Denver Dispensary’s Denver dispensary deals are making it as easy as legally possible to get your favorite strains safely.

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