USNews: How to Invest in Marijuana Today

By the time it’s feasible to invest in cannabis on that level, the act of calling up a broker may not even be a thing anymore.

Still, it’s worth surveying Wall Street for what, if any, upstanding marijuana stocks exist for individual investors to buy today.

The trouble with looking for marijuana stocks to buy. States are legalizing, decriminalizing, or allowing for the medicinal use of marijuana. And for many opportunistic investors, one question arises over and over again: How do you invest in marijuana?

As it happens, there are several ways to go about it – and it’s not so simple as calling up your broker and saying, “I’ll have some marijuana stocks, please.”

“It’s been a little rocky with (Attorney General) Jeff Sessions and (President Donald) Trump, but the industry will stay strong,” says Neil Demers, CEO of Frost Denver Dispensary – Colorado, a Denver-based upscale dispensary.

“We’ve reached a tipping point,” Demers says.

H/T: US News

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