The Rise of Autoflower Cannabis Plants

Autoflowering cannabis plants are a relatively new development in the world of weed. These plants, which flower automatically without regard to light cycles and seasons, provide growers with a greater margin for error when cultivating their crops. Auto-flowering strains can be grown indoors or outdoors, and they offer an interesting alternative to traditional photoperiod strains. In this blog post, we will explore these intriguing developments in the world of marijuana cultivation.

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What are Autoflowering Seeds?

Auto-flowering seeds look similar to regular photoperiod cannabis plants. Indoor cultivators can grow autoflower from seed to harvest in less than 20 hours of daily light. The autoflower seed will enable a quicker crop in just 10-11 weeks.

Outdoor autoflower plants may produce mid to early summer harvests. Two to three successive indoor plants in warm climates may be obtained. This type of marijuana grows into a short or light plant with good yields. Often planted alongside female seeds, autoflowering plants are now as common as female plants.

How are Autoflowering Seeds Different from Regular Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are genetically modified to bloom on a schedule, rather than being dependent on a ratio of light to dark hours required with photoperiod-dependent strains. Auto seeds need less supervision and overall care than traditional seeds.

The species is often hardier and less prone to drought or pests and diseases. Though the seeds are usually more expensive, the plants require less space and less maintenance than regular seeds. Autoflower cannabis plants have a shorter growing cycle and need less surface space than regular seed seeds.

The Pros and Cons of Autoflower Cannabis Strains

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Autoflowering strains are the go-to genes for beginners and those looking for a quick return. The speed of auto-flowers draws growers who favor fast results. The autoflow strains offer several advantages but they also carry disadvantages that turn some growers off.

They do not rely on external stimuli to start producing resinous plants. Instead, they flower after a certain time period. The autoflower gene was created by modifying cannabis ruderalis, a subspecies adaptable to the harsh regions of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia.

Autoflowering Cannabis

Many autoflower varieties can be harvested in less than 10 weeks from seeds. Dwarfed varieties have short stature and still deliver decent yields. Super autos, as some are known, can take up to 100 days to mature and can grow over six feet high.

Autoflowerers are day-neutral cannabis varieties that switch between the vegetative growth stage and flower stage based on age.

Are Autoflowers Worth Growing?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are generally geared toward inexperienced growers. The germinated seeds require relatively little help. However, it doesn’t mean these are solely for the rookie – experienced growers often like the convenience of auto flower seed. There are all varieties from light strains with a mild buzz to heavier variants that knock you down on the sofa.

Ultimately it will depend on personal preference when picking the seed you would like to grow. But we have said that at least one of the 10 strains above will be perfect for most smokers! The world thinks of us.

A Few Tips For Growing Autoflower Seeds

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Some growers grow only auto seeds and enjoy the pace, speed, and simplicity of growth.

  • Pick an auto-flowering seed with strong genes and give preference to seed companies that specialize in autoflower seeds.
  • Use light airy grow medium, or air-permeable grow containers.
  • Use frequently felt grow bags or air tank grow containers to obtain excellent results.
  • Try low-stress training by tying branches to increase sunlight penetration.

The Last Toke

Harvesting in less than 20 hours of daily light, autoflower seeds are the perfect choice for those looking to grow cannabis plants on a tight schedule. If you’re just getting started with growing your own marijuana or you want an easier way out, try some auto-flowering strains that can be harvested within 10 weeks from seed. You’ll also enjoy this type of plant’s hardiness against pests and drought as well as lower maintenance needs.

Reach out to a knowledgeable budtender at Frost Denver Dispensary for more info if you are interested in growing auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

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