The Different Types of Cannabis Vape Batteries and What They Mean for Your Experience

When it comes to vaping cannabis, the battery is an important part of the experience. There are a variety of different batteries available on the market, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of vape batteries and what they mean for your experience.

What are Vape Batteries?

The primary components of the cannabis vaporizer are the mouthpiece, chamber (which contains the extract and heating element), and battery.

The battery provides power to the vape device’s heating element. The most typical type of vape battery is a 510-thread battery, which is a universal type of battery that fits almost any standard cannabis vape cartridge found online or at a dispensary. The 510-thread batteries are designed to be long and cylindrical, making the vape look similar to a pen.

Pod system batteries are less common and only fit with their specific pods. Pod systems come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they usually look flatter and chubbier than 510 thread batteries.

Why Does Your Vape Battery Matter?

With vape products increasing in market share, it is now more important than ever for those working with cannabis to understand the differences between various devices.

Both customers and manufacturers often get so wrapped up in the extract and vape cartridge that they overlook their device’s battery. It’s important to remember that not all vape batteries are created equal.

Because the battery is the engine that powers your pod system, wax pen, or disposable vape cartridges. if you use the wrong type of battery for vaping, it could have a negative impact on your entire experience. No matter what type of device you’re using, finding the right battery can feel like a daunting task. This guide will help simplify the process and ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs.

The Differences Between Vape Batteries

Even amongst 510 batteries, not every model is the same. In fact, varying specifications among brands are what ultimately make one product stand out against the rest. The most critical specs to consider are:

  • Voltage
  • Threading
  • Push-button/auto-draw
  • MAH


A battery’s voltage is directly linked to the device’s heat output; meaning, as the voltage rises, so does the heat. Most THC vape cartridge batteries run on volts that fall between 2.5 and 4.8. Additionally, it’s generally accepted that higher voltages produce thicker vapor; however, this also has a tendency of damaging the extract’s terpenes and lessening its flavor profile over time.

Extracts that are more viscous should be heated for longer periods of time to convert them into vapor. These types of extracts work best with ceramic carts since they can withstand higher voltages without issue. Some batteries come with a set voltage, while others have a variable voltage battery. Variable voltage gives users more control over their vaping experience and makes the battery compatible with different extracts and vape cartridges.


The name “510” thread refers to the specific kind of connection used to attach the cartridge battery. Vape pen batteries and vape cartridges are referred to as this because of the standardization of attachment measurements. Most vape cartridges and batteries use this type of universally connecting threading.

Push-Button vs. Auto-Draw

Some vape pens are operated via a small button, while others only need to be inhaled. Push-button batteries require users to hold down a button to engage the heating element. To turn these types of batteries on and off, you typically have to press the button several times in sequence. With push-button batteries, you have more control over the temperature and how long the battery will last. When using ceramic vape cartridges, which take longer to heat up than metal or cotton carts, being able to preheat the cartridge with a push of a button is very convenient.

Draw-activated batteries are easy to use for beginners because they automatically engage the heating element when users inhale from the mouthpiece. These types of devices typically have a lower voltage, but they still work very well.

MAH and Battery Life

The specification known as MAH, or milliampere-hour, is used to measure how long an oil cart battery or pod system battery will last on a single charge. Vape batteries typically have a MAH in the 200 – 900 range.

A battery’s MAH rating determines how long the battery will last. Lower-end batteries on this scale can usually go an entire day without being charged, but high-voltage batteries need a higher MAH to make up for the extra energy they use. If you frequently use your vaporizer for long periods before charging it, you might find that a higher MAH battery would fit your lifestyle better.

The Last Toke

Whichever type of vape battery you choose, Frost Exotic Cannabis’s Denver Dispensary has all the information and products you need to make sure you’re getting the best vaping experience possible. With our selection of vape cart batteries, we guarantee that you’ll find something that fits your needs. So what are you waiting for? Come visit us today and start your vape journey!

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