The Best Orange Strains

Broncos season is just days away, so let’s talk orange cannabis strains! Because … why not? It seems topical enough, right?

What is Orange Bud?

What exactly are we talking about when we say “orange cannabis strains”? Flower that tastes and/or smells like oranges, or that exotic bud with orange hairs? How about both? There’s no need to discriminate for the purposes of this blog.

Generally, orange weed strains are considered to be those that emit citrus aromas and flavors. You can usually identify them by their orange-themed names.

The citrusy flavor of some strains is due to a mixture of terpenes and, in some instances, the plant’s genetics. Limonene is a chemical in cannabis that gives it a lemony taste. The presence of limonene often characterizes orange weed strains.

What’s Up with Those Orange Hairs, Anyway?

A short science detour . . .

The “hairs” are actually called “pistils.” The pistils are the female sex organs of a female plant, with an ovary that develops a seed when fertilized. The size and shape of the pistils vary, and they are often sticky due to a resin that captures pollen from insects or the wind. The orange hairs that we see on many strains of the marijuana we consume are called pistillate hairs or stigmatic hairs. Put simply, these are the reproductive organs of female cannabis plants.

When a female plant isn’t fertilized, it creates tons of resin, including a layer of trichomes that provide marijuana’s mind-altering and therapeutic qualities. For this reason, an unpollinated female flower is considerably more potent than one that has been pollinated.

At the start, the pistils are white. As the plant grows older, they darken to yellow, orange, red and brown. Between the seventh and eighth weeks of flowering, most strains of cannabis will develop red and orange pistils.

Many weed strains with orange hair don’t always have citrus properties but may have an orange cannabis parent or grandparent strain.

Ok. Moving on . . .

The Best Orange Weed Strains in Denver

Agent Orange

Agent Orange is the lovechild of Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper, and it should be in your repertoire if you’re a fan of oranges. The buds are resinous and gorgeous- squeezing them can fill a room with their potent fragrance much faster than an orange-scented candle.

Agent Orange’s effects are typically pleasant, with a surge of that smiling kind of euphoria associated with citrusy strains, so if you consume cannabis to feel better about how difficult life is, Agent Orange could be the strain for you.

Orange Bud

This sativa-dominant hybrid with high levels of THC ranges from 16 to 23 percent THC. Many cannabis enthusiasts believe that this particular cultivar sparked the trend of smoking citrus strains.

Immediately upon opening the jar, Orange Bud assaults your nose with its potent bouquet of rich flowers and spicy citrus. You’ll detect strong orange scents and pleasant cinnamon when you exhale.

The flavor, aroma, and effects of the strain hit fast after one toke or two, producing euphoria and verbosity. It’s an ideal orange cannabis variety for social gatherings because of this. This strain will leave you feeling relaxed, perfect for kicking back or enjoying light activities.

Super Lemon Haze

A strain frequently in-stock at Frost, Super Lemon Haze is a strain that has won multiple awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup. The strain was created by cross-breeding Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk.

It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with terpinolene as its main terpene. The scent of this strain is lemony and zesty, with undertones of earth, spice, and pepper. Enjoyed by many as a wake and bake, Super Lemon Haze relaxes your body while also boosting your focus and creativity.

Orange Cookies

This Cookies cross is less well-known than other strains, but is a fantastic orange-flavored strain. Like other strains with Cookies lineage, this strain is potent, but the cross-breed’s genetics provide a milder, more active high than most people associate with Cookies strains.

Most people who smoke Orange Cookies say it makes them feel happy and relaxed. So, if you’re heading to a party or even just hanging out with a friend on the couch, this strain is a great one to bring along.

Tropicana Cookies

Tropicana Cookies is a relatively new Cookies strain. It mixes the legendary Tangie with the conventional strain to create one of the most unique cannabis plants available.

Tropicana Cookies is a stunning sight from both a cosmetic and scientific viewpoint: The flower is so purple that the nugs are almost black, and they’re enhanced by a flood of orange hairs and thick white trichomes that will impress non-smokers. The fragrance emanates from the container and has a tart citrus character that fades into a syrupy, orangey sweetness that might make you you swear off all other marijuana strains.

Surprisingly, Tropicana Cookies provides almost no sedative or peaceful effects whatsoever. To the contrary, it will give you a burst of energy likely to have you cleaning your windows at 1 a.m. for no particular reason.

The Last Toke

And while we’re on the subject of “no particular reason,” we hope you enjoyed this quick expose of the best orange stains available in our fair city, Denver, Colorado. Many of these strains are frequently available at Frost Exotic Cannabis. We invite you to check out our exotics list online or give us a call to see what’s currently populating our shelves. And of course … Let’s Ride!

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