Roll it Like a Pre-Roll: How to Roll a Better Joint

Smoking cannabis is still one of the most popular ways to consume, and there’s nothing quite like smoking a joint. However, rolling a good joint can be tricky. If you don’t do it correctly, you might end up with a big mess and no weed left to smoke! In this blog post, we will teach you how to roll your own joints like a pre-roll.

The Lost Art of Joint Rolling

In the days before legalization, every stoner worth his or her weight in schwag knew how to roll a decent joint. With the accessibility of pre-rolls and other methods of cannabis consumption, however, many modern-day consumers likely don’t know how to roll their own joints.

Those who are unable to roll their own joints are not left out in today’s cannabis culture, of course. Items such as oil-wrapped pre-rolls and rose petal blunts, as well as THC-diamond loaded joints, are available to those who can’t do it themselves. But there’s something about being able to roll your own joint that satisfies the soul on a higher level. Every hit tastes a little more distinct—a little more honestly earned. It’s never too late to begin rolling your first joint, no matter how long you have been enjoying cannabis.

How to Roll a Joint 101

Rolling a joint has six stages. Before you begin this procedure, make sure you have all of the necessary materials:

  • Your chosen cannabis strain
  • Pre-roll cone or rolling papers
  • Crutch
  • Grinder

A Slave to the Grind

woman rolling a joint

To begin, you must grind the cannabis. If the plant is dried properly, it should crumble easily. The grinder stops your hands from getting sweaty and sticking to the rolling paper. If you do not have a grinder, there are other ways to break up the cannabis including using scissors or keys.

Grinding the product creates a better texture for pressing up against the delicate paper by breaking down any pokey ends or stems that could potentially damage the pre-roll or rolling papers.

Make a Crutch/Filter

If you’re using rolling papers, you’ll need to make a crutch, also known as a “filter” or “tip,” once you’ve ground the cannabis. You’ll need thin cardboard or a similar material. This crutch is placed at one end of the rolling paper. Start by making a few “accordion-style” folds near the end of your paper, and then roll it up to create a joint with your desired thickness. When you smoke a joint, the filter is intended to keep the shake from falling out. It also aids in maintaining the structural integrity of your creation.

woman rolling a joint closeup

Pack it Up, Pack it In

If you have bought cones from Frost or another dispensary or a neighborhood smoke shop, they will usually come with a tiny plastic tube to keep the shape. You may utilize this tool to properly fill the pre-roll cone by using it as a packer. Instead of a straw, something thin and long like a chopstick or a pencil eraser will also work.

Begin by putting a little cannabis in the bottom of the paper cone near the crutch and pressing it down. Packing the base of your cone is crucial for an evenly rolled joint. If you don’t pack this part correctly, your entire joint can fold at the bottom and break.

If you’re using rolling papers, this step is easy. Just take the paper between your fingers and roll it back and forth until it’s in cone form.

Rock and Roll or Twist and Shout

close up of male hands rolling a joint

The penultimate step in rolling papers is crucial since the quality of your joint is largely determined by how you roll it. To roll up your joint, make sure to tuck the paper’s unglued portion into the wrap. Lick the top edge and seal it with a final roll (leave a tiny gap at the end). Use the filter side first, since this will make tuck-and-seal easier.

When using pre-roll cones, leave the top portion of the paper empty so you can properly seal it. To turn it into a wick, roll the paper between your thumb and pointer finger in one direction until the joint has taken its final form.

The FIRST Toke

Now that you have completed your creation, it is time to celebrate with a well-deserved toke. Light the wick, being careful not to touch the cannabis with the open flame. If you use a wooden match, make sure it’s fully extinguished before passing it along.

Savor the taste and enjoy your beautifully rolled joint! You did it! You are now a master joint roller and may proceed to enjoy your spoils.

Now that you know how to roll like a pro, stop by Frost Exotic Cannabis in Denver and pick up some cones, rolling papers, or – if you’d rather just have someone else do all this for you – some premium quality pre-rolled joints.

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