Pre-Roll Party at Frost Denver Dispensary!


Join us this weekend for a Pre-Roll blow-out sale!  All house joints are only $3.00 when you spend at least $25.00 ( daily purchase limit applies )

Frost Denver Dispensary fell asleep at the wheel and left the joint making machine on maximum production and well it over produced joints!  So instead of having an internal joint smoking challenge among the staff, we decided we would discount the inventory and let you host your own joint smoking session.  Summer is about to get lit….. Stop in this weekend, spend $25 and then purchase as many $3.00 joints as your limit allows.  This is a very limited time offer and we might actually sell out of joints ( just kidding we have a crazy amount, like imagine 4 large tote’s filled with joints )

10+ strains to choose from

Flower joints


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