Not Your Mama’s Doobs: The World of Innovation Brought About by Pre-rolled Joints

Before marijuana legalization, if you had asked your dealer for pre-rolled joint, he probably would have laughed in your face. Nowadays, pre-rolls are one of the most common products that you will find in a dispensary. There even are many new twists and upgrades to the traditional joint that have come about because of the “freedom to experiment” that marijuana legalization has allowed.

A good pre-roll is one that satisfies your needs and fits your lifestyle. For example, some people might want a low dose while others may need a high dose for medical reasons. This blog post will discuss several different types of innovation in order to help you find the best fit for your needs!

The Emergence of Pre-Rolls for Purchase

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Although the joint is not as popular as it once was, it still offers a cannabis experience unlike any other: The unique capacity to simultaneously combust and vaporize its components. This smoking method, which is now ubiquitous, was originally developed by Mexican workers in the 1850s as a means of circumventing labor laws.

The 1850s joint was little more than a bit of flower mixed with tobacco, with no resemblance to the current product. During the Prohibition era, when the government’s attention was focused on prosecuting alcoholic consumers, people consumed cannabis more freely, and the popularity of the joint grew.


As medical marijuana became legal across various states, the pre-rolled joint was one of the first unique products to emerge. Aside from being convenient, it allowed doctors to more easily prescribe specific amounts of cannabis. As in, “smoke two joints and call me in the morning.”

With recreational cannabis, came both mass-production and marketing. And with that came consistency and variety.

While flower sales have decreased in mature legal areas, the pre-roll market is expanding as customers like the convenience and producers realize the importance of using high-quality flower.

Pre-Roll Joints Consistency and Variety

cannagar pre roll cannabis cigars blunts

As mentioned, one of the benefits that has come about from pre-rolled joints is consistency. While cannabis flower can vary from batch to batch, pre-rolled joints are manufactured using the same cannabis each time and they are rolled in a consistent manner with a consistent amount of cannabis. So when you get a pack of pre-rolls, you know exactly what you are getting.

In addition, consumer demand has led producers to create innovative products that offer both convenience and variety for customers looking for a little extra something special in their joint experience.

Pre-rolls also come in different cannabis varieties, meaning that the consumer can choose between Sativa or Indica dominant products. This is particularly important to medical cannabis patients who need specific types of cannabis based on their symptoms and conditions (i.e., cancer). Pre-rolled joints allow for this choice.

Some examples of such innovations include joints wrapped or dipped in cannabis concentrate and the cannagar – a cigar made from compressed cannabis and then wrapped around a skewer. Compressing cannabis around a skewer creates a slow-burning and long-lasting pre-rolled blunt with a unique taste.

How Pre-Rolls Differ from Those of the Past

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Early pre-rolls that were for medical purposes were nothing fancy. They weren’t much different from what you would roll at home. As pre-rolls moved into the consumer realm, however, cannabis producers started to innovate.

Advantages of the Modern Joint

Here are some differences between cannabis pre-rolls of the past and those that you can get today:

  • Pre-rolled joints have a filter, which is something that most cannabis users prefer when smoking flower. This makes it easier to inhale cannabis smoke without getting bits of cannabis stuck in your throat or lungs.
  • Because cannabis producers are producing pre-rolls on a larger scale, they have access to higher-quality cannabis flower than the average consumer has at home or can procure from their dispensary of choice. While this does not mean that all cannabis is created equal, it means that there are better options out there for consumers who want an experience closer to what cannabis connoisseurs get at dispensaries.
  • Some cannabis producers are incorporating cannabis concentrates into their pre-rolls – giving you the best of both worlds.

How Legalization Has Impacted Marijuana Culture and Attitudes Towards Cannabis Use

As cannabis becomes a more accepted part of modern life, pre-rolls will most certainly move more into the public eye. There may be a day when cannabis pre-rolls become as common on cannabis dispensary shelves as cigarettes are at convenience stores.

And there is one thing about cannabis culture that will never change: the creativity and innovation of cannabis producers, dispensaries, consumers, and aficionados. As outlined above, this has brought us some unique innovations.

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The Classics Never Go Out of Style

Despite all of these new-fangled joints, there will always be a place for the classic doobie. The simplicity of cannabis flower rolled in cannabis paper is the way to go for many cannabis users. We all have our preferences, but one thing about cannabis culture remains constant: you can never know what you might find out there on dispensary shelves or at your next cannabis-related event.

The Last Toke: The Best Pre-roll is Yet To Come

The future of the marijuana joint is still in the making.

As cannabis users, it is our job to make sure that cannabis producers keep innovating and rolling out new products for us to try. There are so many different ways to consume cannabis today – franken-joints included – which means there is no end in sight when it comes to pre-roll innovation, and Frost Denver Dispensary is committed to being at the forefront.

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