How to Make Your Joint Burn Slower

Rolling the perfect joint is an art. Even the most seasoned smoker will tell you it’s not all about looks, though. How a joint burns is every bit as essential as its appearance, if not more so.

A slow, even burn is vital for an optimal experience when it comes to joints. For one, it helps to stretch out your session, allowing you to enjoy it more. For another, it avoids wasting any cannabis. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to make joints burn slower and reduce cannabis waste.

Start with Quality Flower

You won’t have a quality joint without quality flower. Under-cured (or uncured) flowers will burn too slowly, if you can get them to stay lit in the first place. Buds that are too dry, on the other hand, will burn up in an instant. Choose properly dried and cured buds from a reputable dispensary and store them in an airtight container away from sources of heat and light.

Use a Grinder

Some people break their flowers apart by hand. While this method can work in a pinch, you end up with uneven pieces that are difficult to light, making for an awkward burn. The result is a lot of wasted cannabis.

For a better, slower burn, invest in a quality grinder. You want one that will grind your favorite flowers evenly and to the correct size. The pieces should be small, but not too fine. Otherwise, you’ll stifle the airflow and end up with a joint you can’t smoke.

Pick the Right Paper

Rolling papers come in all shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of materials. Generally, the thicker the paper is, the faster it burns. Look for something nice and thin. While the decision is ultimately one of personal preference, hemp paper offers a nice, even burn, which can help to extend the life of your joint.

Add a Little Something Extra

If you like a little extra potency, you can always add a bit of cannabis concentrate to your joint. With this method, known as “twaxing,” you can drop some concentrate inside of the joint or twist some around the exterior. Not only does this slow down the burn rate, but it also adds an extra punch of cannabinoids to your system.

Roll Your Joint Tightly

The tightness of your joint will play a role in its burn rate. Airflow is critical here. If your joint is packed too loosely, it will burn quickly, resulting in wasted cannabis. The ideal joint should be packed fairly tightly, but not so tightly that air can’t flow through it. Finding a happy medium may take some trial and error.

To achieve the perfect roll, take your time packing your joint. Rub the two sides of your paper together around your ground cannabis to form a tight log or cone. Then, roll it up and close it off.

Here’s a bonus tip: seal your joint with a little bit of honey to help slow down the burn.

Find Everything You Need for Perfectly-Rolled, Slow-Burning Joints

When your joint burns slowly and evenly, you get more out of it. Your session lasts longer, and you can take your time to enjoy every moment of it. You also don’t have to worry about wasting any cannabis. You get a better, more enjoyable experience overall.

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