High Adventures in Colorado Marijuana Tourism

Colorado’s marijuana tourism industry has flourished since the legalization of recreational marijuana, transforming the Centennial State into a sought-after destination for those seeking unique and exciting experiences. The state offers a variety of options for marijuana enthusiasts, from dispensary tours to cannabis-friendly lodging. 

Outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and skiing are elevated by the inclusion of marijuana, appealing to nature lovers.  The state also hosts a variety of events and festivals, celebrating the culture and community centered around marijuana. Colorado’s marijuana tourism invites both aficionados and the curious to embark on extraordinary adventures, uncovering a different aspect of the Rocky Mountain State.

Dispensary Tours

Colorado cannabis tours offer a unique and enlightening experience within the state’s flourishing marijuana tourism sector. These tours, provided by various cannabis companies, are not just about showcasing recreational cannabis but also about educating visitors on the entire process of how cannabis is cultivated, produced, and distributed. Tourists get to see how different strains are grown and prepared for sale in a secure and regulated environment.

These tours are particularly beneficial for both new and experienced cannabis users. By visiting dispensaries, tourists can directly observe the array of strains and products available. They also have the chance to interact with informed staff who can answer questions and offer advice, enhancing their understanding of the product.

Furthermore, dispensary tours emphasize the importance of responsible consumption and adherence to industry regulations, vital aspects of the recreational cannabis market. Participating in a tour allows visitors to not only learn about cannabis but also to appreciate its economic and cultural significance in Colorado. Overall, these tours provide an invaluable perspective on the impact of marijuana on Colorado’s tourism industry, making them a must-do for those interested in the world of legal cannabis.

Colorado Marijuana Tourism

Cannabis-Friendly Accommodations

Colorado’s burgeoning cannabis tourism industry, cannabis-friendly accommodations offer a distinctive and engaging experience for visitors. These places are ideal for those wishing to immerse themselves fully in cannabis culture. With a range of options including hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, and even campgrounds, there’s something for every preference.

These accommodations often feature outdoor spaces where guests can enjoy their cannabis, such as Lookout Mountain, offering breathtaking views and a serene setting. Amenities may include designated smoking areas, vaporizer rentals, and some even have on-site dispensaries for convenient access to cannabis products.

Beyond just providing a place to stay, many of these accommodations also host educational workshops and unique cannabis experiences. Guests might find themselves relaxing in a cannabis-infused hot tub or participating in a cannabis cooking class. These specialized offerings make cannabis-friendly accommodations in Colorado a truly unique aspect of the state’s cannabis tourism, providing an unforgettable experience for marijuana enthusiasts.

High Adventures in Colorado Marijuana Tourism

Outdoor Cannabis Activities

Outdoor cannabis activities in Colorado offer a multitude of exhilarating experiences for marijuana enthusiasts. With the legalization of recreational marijuana, visitors can now enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of Colorado while indulging in their favorite pastime. One popular activity is hiking through the state’s stunning mountains and forests, where participants can soak up the fresh air and spectacular views while enjoying the effects of cannabis. 

For those seeking a more adrenaline-pumping adventure, whitewater rafting while under the influence of marijuana is also an option. This thrilling activity allows individuals to navigate through challenging rapids while experiencing a heightened sense of relaxation and enjoyment. Other outdoor activities include biking, camping, and even yoga, all of which can be enhanced by the use of cannabis. Whether it’s exploring nature or seeking an adrenaline rush, Colorado’s outdoor cannabis activities provide an unforgettable experience for marijuana enthusiasts.

Cannabis Cooking Classes

Visitors to Colorado can further immerse themselves in the world of marijuana tourism by participating in cannabis cooking classes. These classes offer an opportunity to learn how to infuse marijuana into various dishes, allowing participants to explore the culinary possibilities with cannabis. Led by experienced chefs and professionals in the cannabis industry, these classes provide a unique and educational experience for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. 

Participants will learn about different strains of marijuana, dosing techniques, and the science behind cooking with cannabis. From appetizers to desserts, attendees will discover how to incorporate marijuana into their favorite recipes, creating infused dishes that are both delicious and potent. Whether it’s learning to make cannabis-infused butter or crafting gourmet meals with cannabis as a key ingredient, these cooking classes offer an exciting and interactive way to explore the world of marijuana cuisine.

Cannabis Events and Festivals

Cannabis enthusiasts can partake in a variety of events and festivals that celebrate the culture and industry of marijuana in Colorado. These events offer a unique opportunity for individuals to come together and engage in activities centered around cannabis. Here are some notable cannabis events and festivals in Colorado:

  • 420 on the Block: This annual three-day event features live music, art installations, and cannabis-inspired activities, attracting both locals and tourists alike.
  • The Cannabis Cup: Known as the “Olympics of Cannabis,” this competition showcases the best strains, products, and innovations in the industry.
  • 420 Fest: Held in Denver, this festival offers a mix of educational seminars, live music performances, and vendor booths, providing attendees with a comprehensive cannabis experience.
  • The Hemp Festival: Focused on the versatile uses of hemp, this festival highlights the plant’s sustainability, health benefits, and artistic qualities.

With these events, cannabis enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and community surrounding marijuana in Colorado.


Colorado’s marijuana tourism presents a diverse array of experiences for cannabis enthusiasts. Visitors can delve into informative dispensary tours, including those at renowned Denver dispensaries, and stay at cannabis-friendly accommodations. The state also offers a plethora of outdoor activities and specialized cooking classes that integrate marijuana. 

Moreover, Colorado is known for hosting a variety of cannabis-centric events and festivals, which serve as platforms for both education and celebration. With its progressive marijuana laws and well-regulated industry, Colorado stands out as a prime destination for those eager to explore the unique and thrilling world of marijuana tourism.

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