Diego Pellicer on Las Vegas Recreational Market: It Takes Time

“In the first weeks of recreational sales in Colorado in 2014, dispensaries watched their shelves empty and marijuana prices skyrocketed as vendors failed to keep up with consumer demand,” said Neil Demers of Denver’s Diego Pellicer dispensary.

“It took eight to 10 months for supply to catch up and the market to level out,” he said.

Buyers are still prohibited by state law from consuming marijuana except at private residences, meaning those anxious to smoke or eat their weed products right away must wait until they get home, Metro Officer Laura Meltzer said.

Smoking outside dispensaries, at casinos or even in a parked car could result in a $600 fine. Driving under the influence of marijuana could also earn drivers a fine of $600 to $1,000 and jail time, even for a first offense, Meltzer said.

Read the full article on the Las Vegas Sun.

SOURCE: Las Vegas Sun

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