Fast Acting edibles are here!

The Fast acting edibles are available at Frost Denver Dispensary!

The days of waiting hours before feeling the effects of cannabis edibles are finally behind us!  Rejoice for science has taken to the monumental challenge of human plight as we know it. The struggle to get high and relax can now happen much sooner with the help of 1906 and new edible formulas hitting the market soon.   Future generations will likely point and laugh at us as we explain the time spent wondering how long before the effects of the edible would finally kick in.  Who among us ate a second piece or wrote the edible off only to have it hit you mid-conversation or meal.  Yeah, they will thank us for playing the great guessing game and finally putting an end to its carnage.
Who would have thought that this problem of not quite knowing would bug someone so much that they just had to solve it?  Well, good people of Frost Denver Dispensary, I would like to introduce to you Peter Barsoom the one in charge at 1906.  You see it bugged him enough that he invested a ton of cash and the enlisted the brain power of actual scientist.

You can read more about this in a recent article published by Rooster Magazine here:

For those of you who would rather skip the scientific explanation and get to the fun part.

Frost Denver Dispensary carries the full line of 1906 products and trust us they work fast and the work well.


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