Exotic Strain Feature: MAC

Diamond like trichome forests thick and sticky a true visual treat.

Frost Denver Dispensary has continued to search high and low for the best looking exotic strains available. Having been awarded the best brand and retail center for 2 years in a row is a good reason to have your flower available in our retail center. While it might be easy to make the case for why vendors should keep Frost Denver Dispensary at the top of the list for prime cut! finding gems like MAC are not easy to come by. Demand is high and availability are still low and competition for exotics is rising every day.

MAC is a truly special treat for our flower lovers and while showcasing its intense beauty and physical attributes is fairly easy. Trying to describe the clean, floral smoke is much much harder. The dense buds give way to sticky forests of trichome tentacles that seem to branch off from every angle and extend to lengths i’ve never seen before. It is quite hard to know for sure unless you carefully examine the buds and place them under strong magnification.

Thick Trichome buds of MAC strain
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