Essential Items for Your Stash Bag: A Comprehensive List

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A stash bag is an essential item that every cannabis enthusiast needs. It’s a good idea to keep your weed accessories and paraphernalia in one place so you can easily access them when needed. However, what makes a cannabis stash bag different from any other type of stash bag? In this blog post, we will discuss the things you need to have the perfect stash bag.

The Bag

There is not a one-size-fits-all type of stash bag. It really comes down to what works best for you, your lifestyle, and your cannabis consumption preferences. If you get a bag that fits all of the smoking accessories one could imagine, yet isn’t something you want to carry around with you, it won’t be very useful.

So there are some considerations to be weighed. What cannabis accessories do you want to have with you? And how large of a stash bag are you willing to carry? Answering these questions will help you find the perfect stash bag for your needs.

classy leather stash bag

Many people use bags that are specifically designed to accommodate weed and cannabis accessories. Many such bags are even smell-proof. While a smell-proof bag can be nice, they are not necessary. You can certainly find a smaller smell-proof container to go inside your bag to carry your odiferous goodies.

The choice is yours, but remember that the size and style of bag you choose can make or break the usefulness of your stash bag. And it will certainly affect how many of the accessories below you can bring with you.

Smoking Accessories

Which of these you include is, of course, largely dependent on your consumption preferences. If you are the kind of marijuana consumer who likes to be prepared for any occasion, then maybe your stash bag is a rolling suitcase and one of everything is exactly what you need.


When it comes to taking weed mobile, the pipe has long been the standard. Even if you are someone who prefers smoke joints or out of a bong, it is helpful to have a pipe on hand in case your smoking device breaks or you need to smoke some herb pronto!

metal smoking pipe

The best pipes for a stash bag are metal pipes. They are durable, yet small enough to fit in your bag without taking up much room. Many even come with a cover so you can store a nugg in there and be ready to hit it at a moment’s notice.

rolling a joint

Rolling Papers

Another smoking option is the humble joint or marijuana cigarette as it’s sometimes called. Joints can be great for discreetly taking some herb on the go and unless you’re coming prepared with pre-rolls, you’ll need to have rolling papers on hand if you want to smoke doob.

Rolling papers are an easy and low-space item to carry around in any sort of stash bag. They typically come in small packs so you can easily fit a few into the bottom of your weed-carrying receptacle, and be ready to roll with ease at any moment. Of all smoking accessories, rolling papers likely have the most ubiquitous stash bag presence, simply because they’re so easy to carry and … ya never know.

If you are not familiar with how to roll a joint, it is well worth your time to learn this valuable skill. You never know when the opportunity will present itself and being able to roll one up quickly can save you from having an awkward situation in which there isn’t anything available for smoking except what’s currently in your bag.



Most bongs tend to be a bit large for a stash bag, but depending on how much weed you like to smoke, it may be worth having a nice piece of glass for those days when the opportunity presents itself and there isn’t anything immediately available other than what’s inside of your backpack.

If this is something that appeals to you, make sure you get a nice travel case. Even if it’s just a padded bag that has room for your bong and some accessories, something is better than nothing.

small glass dab rig

Dab Rig

Like a bong, a dab rig is large and not something you would typically carry around with you, even in a stash bag. However, if this is your preferred method of consuming marijuana concentrates then it may be necessary to have some sort of apparatus available for smoking on the go.

Some dab rigs are portable and easy enough to put inside a stash bag. You should definitely do your research here and make sure the smoking accessory you choose is something that can fit in with ease but also not take up too much room inside of a small receptacle.

If it’s important to have one readily available, then there are some larger stash bags out there designed specifically for carrying around dab rigs or bongs. If that’s how you roll, then that may be the way to go.

Extras to Help Get the Job Done

In addition to smoking accessories, there are some other key items you’ll need with you in your stash bag if it is going to be a useful piece of hand luggage. Let’s take a look at a couple of them:

cannabis flower grinder


A grinder is another essential for cannabis consumers looking to have some herb at their disposal when they need it. Many people use their grinder multiple times a day, so it’s an easy item to keep on hand.

A small-sized herb grinder is perfect for throwing in the bottom of your stash bag with some bud still inside and ready to smoke when you need it most. These are usually no bigger than two inches tall or wide which means they can easily fit inside even smaller bags.

If you prefer to have things ground up before smoking, then having an herb grinder in your stash bag can be incredibly helpful. Grinders come either manual or electric, and depending on which one you choose to take with you will depend on how much space is necessary.

Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is by no means necessary, but it does make the doob-rolling job a little easier. Some rolling trays come with an area to store your weed, making it easy for you to gather everything you need before starting the rolling process.

lighter with flame

Having a stash bag is already nice because of its portability and small size, but if there’s room in yours then having a tray can make your life even more convenient.

A Lighter (or two)

It’s always good to have at least one lighter on hand in case you need it. You will most likely want something that can light up more than just cigarette-sized joints and thus, a nice double-sided or triple-flame torch is your best bet for getting the job done quickly.

When it comes to lighters, you definitely get what you pay for as far as quality and durability are concerned so be sure to choose one that has some longevity when it comes time for use.

A Smell-Proof Container

Whether or not your entire stash bag is smell-proof, you certainly need to have something in your bag to contain the smell of the sticky-icky.

If you are carrying marijuana with you, you will probably want some sort of smell-proof container. This is why we love Stink Sacks. These bags can hold one or two different types of bud without needing bulky containers. These bags are not those small plastic baggies that your mother used to be to store food in the freezer. They come in different designs, colors, and sizes. The bags are also smell-proof which keeps the odor of weed inside when you take it out with you.

weed in a baggie

Cannabis Accessories (aka Weed Accessories) for after the Smoke Sesh

empty test tube for joint

There are some items that you may want to keep in your bag to make life a little more pleasant after consuming.

Doob Tube

They look like those little plastic tubes from a children’s chemistry set, and they are great for storing a pre-roll or a partially-smoked joint. Generally just called “tubes”, but nicknamed “doob tubes”, these accessories are perfect for storing things that you don’t want to be smelling up the entire place. They come in multiple sizes, and can also fit papers inside of them if you wish to make pre-rolled joints with you on the go.


lip balm

Cottonmouth, be-gone! Or … almost. If you haven’t tried chapstick as a cottonmouth suppressant, you should consider giving it a go. Some smoking enthusiasts have said that they can use chapstick to keep their lips from getting dry and chapped after smoking weed, which will otherwise happen due to the dehydration of your mouth when you consume THC.

Water Bottle

Another cottonmouth-fighter is, of course, water. Having a bottle of water around is not only good for fighting cottonmouth, but it can be helpful to keep you hydrated if/when smoking becomes more intense than expected.


Keep the munchies at bay with some snacks! Having a bag of nuts, granola bars or other small items could be the difference between fighting your cravings and giving in to them.

While the health risks from marijuana itself are minimal, constantly snacking on junk food while you are high can certainly have negative effects on your health.

Merch From Your Favorite Smoke Shop

You never know when you will need to promote your favorite smoke shop, Frost Denver Dispensary. While keeping a t-shirt in your stash back is probably a bit much, it might not be a bad idea to keep some stickers to give to someone visiting from out of town or to friends who just don’t know what’s up. Or, better yet, keep your Frost Denver Dispensary loyalty card in your bag!

The Last Toke

If you’re out and about, get prepared for the next sesh. Keep your stash bag stocked with useful items so that you’ll be ready for the next toke!

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