A Little Bit About Microdosing

Closeup dropper with CBD oil at the tip, near to the CBD oil container, colored in pink.

Cannabis has been used for centuries for various medicinal and recreational purposes, and with recent legalization in many parts of the world, its popularity has only grown. One of the latest trends in the cannabis community is microdosing, which involves consuming small, measured amounts of cannabis to achieve a subtle and controlled effect. In this […]

The Lowdown on Tincture Dosage: What’s Right or You?

close up of tincture bottle and dropper

The world of cannabis is a vast and complex one, with new information and products being introduced all the time. One such product is cannabis tincture, which is becoming more popular as people learn about its benefits. Tinctures are made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant using alcohol or glycerin. The […]

Colorado Tincture Brands

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Colorado has quickly become a haven for cannabis connoisseurs, and with the wide variety of strains and products available, it’s no wonder. One of the most popular categories of cannabis products is tinctures. Tinctures offer a variety of benefits that other forms of cannabis can’t match. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at […]

Can Cannabis Tincture Get You High?

Tincture on a cannabis leaf

One of the most commonly asked questions about cannabis tinctures is, of course, “does it get you high?” The answer isn’t so simple, however. The ingredients, flavorings, and cannabinoid concentrations in cannabis tinctures vary depending on the type of tincture. Therefore, each kind can produce different results. What Are Cannabis Tinctures? Before we get too […]

Tinctures vs Edibles: What’s the Difference?

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Cannabis tinctures are commonly thought of as a form of edible, given that they are taken orally. There is a difference, however, between how the THC and other therapeutic compounds in marijuana are absorbed into the body through tinctures and edibles. In this blog post, we will discuss the difference between tinctures and edibles. Tinctures […]

Where Can I Get RSO Tincture in Denver?

syringe with rso oil next to a cannabis leaf

The cannabis industry has seen significant growth since the 1960s, when it was prohibited and the stigma surrounding it was high. Due to its tolerance and growing acceptance, farmers and producers have made considerable progress in the sector. Dispensaries provide a wealth of alternatives, making consumption simpler than ever and assisting patients in truly customizing […]

The Many Uses for Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis extract tincture liquid CBD dripping on dark background with hemp leaves. Hemp oil, Medical marijuana products including cannabis leaf hash oil over black background

The cannabis tincture is a potent liquid that utilizes the medicinal properties of marijuana and CBD oil. It can be used to treat a variety of ailments and symptoms, such as chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. The best thing about this treatment is that it provides relief without getting you high! In this blog […]

Cannabis Tinctures: Uses, Dosage, Benefits, and Where to Find it in Denver

cannabis thc tincture dropper bottle

Cannabis tinctures (pronounced “tink-chur”) are a type of cannabis extract that is created by dissolving cannabis in alcohol. They have been used for centuries to treat ailments such as headaches, inflammation, anxiety, and menstrual cramps. They can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) or orally (mixed with food, water, or other drinks). When taken sublingually, […]

What Are Cannabis Tinctures? A Quick Guide to What you Can Find in Denver

tincture bottle and marijuana leaves

The world of cannabis looks very different than it did just a few years ago. The number of products has grown substantially, providing you with more options than ever before. While smoking joints remains one of the most popular methods, you can also choose to vape your dose, eat it, or apply it to your […]

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