Innovations in Pre-Rolls

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When it comes to cannabis consumption, pre-rolls have been gaining in popularity over the past few years. They are convenient, easy to use, and can be shared with friends. However, not all pre-rolls are created equal. Some are made with low-quality flower or harsh additives, resulting in a subpar smoking experience. Fortunately, there are several […]

Pre-Rolls: The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Stoner in Your Life

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Cannabis has come a long way. Even just fifteen years ago, the thought of giving someone a joint as a holiday gift would have been laughable. Now, with legalization sweeping the nation, there is an entire world of cannabis gifts that can be purchased for your favorite marijuana enthusiast this holiday season. A Holiday Joint […]

Roll it Like a Pre-Roll: How to Roll a Better Joint

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Smoking cannabis is still one of the most popular ways to consume, and there’s nothing quite like smoking a joint. However, rolling a good joint can be tricky. If you don’t do it correctly, you might end up with a big mess and no weed left to smoke! In this blog post, we will teach […]

Denver’s Best Pre-Rolls

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Pre-rolled joints have become a popular way to consume cannabis, and Denver is home to some of the best pre-roll-makers around. Here are some of our favorite brands from the Mile High City. The Innovation of Pre-Rolled Joints Back in the days before legalization, joints were pretty much joints. Some could roll a tight doob […]

The 10 Best-Selling Pre-Rolls in Colorado

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The joint has been around nearly as long as humans have been smoking cannabis. It’s a basic concept: A marijuana cigarette. For most of time, all joints were pretty much the same. There were skilled rollers who could roll joints that were superior to others, but they were all just marijuana trim or flower in […]

All About Cannagars and Where to Find them in Denver

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Made in Xiaolin Made in Xiaolin is a top brand in the cannabis industry, known for its high-quality cannagars. These products are top-shelf and ideal for events like weddings and other celebrations. They offer a premium experience for those looking to elevate special occasions. The name “Xiaolin” draws inspiration from the term “Shaolin,” famously associated […]

5 Creative and Fun Ways To Smoke Weed

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If you’ve ever used cannabis before, you’re likely familiar with most of the conventional ways to smoke it. You’ve probably tried it rolled in a joint or packed into a pipe or bong bowl. Maybe you’ve even vaped cannabis flowers before. There’s certainly nothing wrong with these methods, but they’re far from the only things […]

How to Make Your Joint Burn Slower

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Rolling the perfect joint is an art. Even the most seasoned smoker will tell you it’s not all about looks, though. How a joint burns is every bit as essential as its appearance, if not more so. A slow, even burn is vital for an optimal experience when it comes to joints. For one, it […]

Cannabis Industry Experts Weigh In on Cannabis + Parenting

Our very own Louis Santillana was featured in a post on the Almost Cool Dad where spoke about the stigma and misconceptions surrounding parents who use cannabis. The image of parents who use cannabis has historically been a skewed one. Just as all cannabis users, the stereotype of the doped up, lazy do-nothing is one of […]

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