Vaporizers: Convenient Cannabis

Cannabis is a very versatile substance that can be consumed in many different ways. Some cannabis users prefer to smoke weed, while others enjoy vaping it. Others make marijuana tea or use edibles and drinkables. One of the newest methods for consuming cannabis is through vaporizers. Vaporizers are devices that heat cannabis enough to produce vapor, but not so much as to combust the plant material which would release toxic chemicals into the air and create smoke.

What is a cannabis vaporizer?

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Vaporizers, commonly referred to a “vape” in the cannabis community, are devices that are used to inhale cannabis. These vaporizers (sometimes called a “weed pen” or a “vape pen” due to their common pen-like shape) were created as an alternative to traditional smoking methods which can be harmful to your lungs.
Using conduction heating, cannabis-infused oil is heated up just enough so the cannabinoids (the active chemical in cannabis) become a gas or vapor, but not hot enough to burn it.
Vaporizing the THC oil allows cannabis users to enjoy the benefits of cannabis consumption without the harmful effects of smoke inhalation.
Since cannabis is now legal in many areas, there are a wide variety of options for vaping cannabis. While cannabis vape pens are the most common type of vape, vapes come in many different shapes and sizes. Vape pens are typically pen-shaped devices that can be used to vape cannabis oil, waxes, or concentrates without burning them (similar to an e-cigarette).

The benefits of using a cannabis oil vape pen

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As mentioned, vaping allows for convenient cannabis consumption without the harm of inhaling smoke. Another benefit of vaporizing marijuana is that most “weed vape pens” are discreet and can be easily used in public without being noticed. A vape also has a variety of heat settings, allowing the user to change the temperature according to what strain or cannabis product is being vaped.
Oil vape pens also make it very easy to control the amount of cannabis being consumed by controlling the amount of voltage that goes into the heating chamber or heating element. Unlike smoking cannabis, the user can precisely control how much THC they want to consume by controlling inhalation and THC oil intake from vape concentrates.

How to use a cannabis vaporizer correctly

It’s important to know how to use vapes correctly and safely. There are many different types of cannabis vaporizers and they do not work the same way. It’s important to know how to operate each type of vape in order to get the most out of your cannabis without wasting any product or endangering yourself.

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Conduction heating vapes, like weed pens and cartridges, require you to place a coil down into a THC oil or wax cartridge and then screw the mouthpiece back on. The cannabis meets heat from an electrical current that passes through it, which can be regulated by turning up or down the voltage settings on your vape.
A convection heating device, like a portable weed vaporizer, works in a different way than conduction heating pens because it doesn’t use a coil. Instead, cannabis oils are heated up by hot air passing over them and then being drawn through a mouthpiece to be inhaled.

How to choose between different types of cannabis vaporizers and vape concentrates for vaping

The best way to find out what type of vape is right for you is to experiment. The good news is that when it comes to weed pen-style vapes, there are many high-quality disposable (re: not rechargeable) cartridges on the market. So you can try out the oil vape pen style with minimal financial investment.
If you decide that you are not a fan of vape pens, try a portable weed vaporizer. Portable vapes are great for vaping concentrates and they also can be used to vape flowers if you invest in the right attachments.

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