Cannabis Tea: A Guide

What is cannabis tea? Cannabis tea is brewed from the leaves and buds of the female plant. The effects are similar to those achieved by smoking or vaping cannabis, but without the same degree of intensity. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about brewing your own cannabis tea.

Cannabis Tea, Weed Tea, and Cannabis-Infused Tea: Are They All the Same?

It goes by many names: cannabis tea, weed tea, and also simply “tea.” But are they all the same thing? Not exactly.

Cannabis-infused or CBD Tea: Infused with cannabinoids from another plant source

cannabis tea

The term “weed tea” usually refers to a caffeine-free drink brewed from hemp buds—and is not psychoactive by itself because it does not contain THC (more on this later). Cannabis teas that have been infused with cannabinoids derived from the marijuana plant can be psychoactive though. This type of tea contains trace amounts of THC along with other cannabinoid compounds like CBN and CBC which create a milder effect than if you were smoking high levels of pure THC alone. That being said expect a more mellow and relaxing high.

Teapot, Strainer & Milk in a Pot!

The tea itself can be made using either dried or fresh cannabis leaves and buds—the finished product has the consistency of loose leaf green tea however it is not as potent. If you do decide to use dried plant materials simply follow your preferred preparation method for dry material (ground) and add water at your desired brewing temperature. For an extra kick try adding some milk into the mix! This will cause fat-soluble cannabinoids like THC to enter our bloodstream even faster than usual which means we’ll feel its effects sooner too! But remember that certain compounds such as CBD are also fat-soluble so this can impact the high we experience.

Cannabinoids and Plant Quality

Cannabinoid content can vary widely depending on the strain, plant maturity, growing conditions, and harvest time. THC levels for example start to appear around week six as opposed to weeks eight or nine when large quantities are available! This is why it’s good practice to test your material before starting a batch so you know exactly how much THC and other cannabinoids like CBD were present at the outset—this will help you control dosage more accurately too.

Dosage and Effects

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The effects of cannabis tea are similar to those achieved by smoking or vaping however they tend to be less pronounced. This is because THC enters our bloodstream via the digestive system rather than through smoke inhalation which allows it a little more time to take effect—cannabinoids also work on a bell curve, meaning peak concentrations typically occur between 90 minutes and two hours after ingestion as opposed to mere seconds when smoked! As for dosage we recommend starting out with around half a gram if you’re using dry plant material (less if you opt for fresh) otherwise your first batch might not have any noticeable impact at all—definitely not what we want!

Cannabis-Infused Tea & CBD Tea

home brewed cannabis tea

There are many different ways of brewing cannabis tea but the most common method involves steeping dried or fresh leaves and buds, just like regular green. Some people even opt to include milk which has fat-soluble properties that will cause cannabinoids such as THC to work faster than usual! However, this also means you’ll need less plant material in order to achieve similar effects—this is especially true if you’re using CBD oil instead because it contains absolutely no psychoactive compounds whatsoever so too much won’t have any effect at all. All of these factors combined make for a good time with friends whether your game plan is sipping on tasty weed tea during movie night or throwing an epic party where everyone can play games and eat edibles.

Tip: Add Coconut Oil

A tasty addition to your cannabis tea is coconut oil because it contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that break down cannabinoids like THC and boost their potency. This is why we recommend using a good quality organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil when you’re cooking with cannabis!

The Last Toke

It’s important that you know your THC levels and what kind of high to expect before brewing cannabis tea. It can be a mellow experience with less pronounced effects, but the idea is not to overdo it because there are other cannabinoids present as well.

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