Cannabis Industry Experts Weigh In on Cannabis + Parenting

Our very own Louis Santillana was featured in a post on the Almost Cool Dad where spoke about the stigma and misconceptions surrounding parents who use cannabis.

The image of parents who use cannabis has historically been a skewed one. Just as all cannabis users, the stereotype of the doped up, lazy do-nothing is one of the many roaches (pun intended) that the community has been working so hard to stomp out. The fact is that cannaparents have been and continue to raise healthy, functioning children. Aside from incidents involving kids getting into an edibles stash, cannaparents are no different from the parent who enjoys a glass of wine or beer at the end of the day. As more people understand the truths about cannabis use and its effects, the culture has gotten more sophisticated. Since it’s become a legit business, more companies are putting out safer products to make it a lot easier to enjoy cannabis responsibly.

“There’s a social stigma surrounding responsible adults who use cannabis. Cannabis allows me to be the person I want to be in front of my kid. Calmer. Less anxious. Less quick to react. Further, cannabis is a much safer and healthier option than pharmaceutical prescription drugs.”  —Louis Santillana, Chief Cultivation Officer of Frost Denver Dispensary – Colorado

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