A Look at Some of the Exotic Strains on the Frost Denver Dispensary Menu

The Frost Denver Dispensary menu is always changing, as the team works hard to bring their customers the latest and greatest strains of cannabis flower. This week, we’re offering a quick run-down of some of the strains currently on the menu and ones that are frequently in our rotation. Let’s begin!

What are “Exotic” Cannabis Strains?

What makes cannabis “exotic” anyway? We commonly accept the term as a way of describing good weed, but what does it mean? The word “exotic” is a term for high-potency cannabis that is used in street culture and rap music.

Just as a tiger is exotic in the United States but not in India, the term “exotic cannabis” refers to a plant’s place of origin and target audience. Almost everything with a high THC concentration and vibrant trichome crystals will appear exotic to a new smoker, but commonly available strains such as OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and Jack Herer are not usually included in the term.

Frost Exotic Cannabis Denver Dispensary Favorites

Cherry Runtz

The good-times strain is a beautiful cherry and rose combination with pleasant taste nuances. The giggles are guaranteed with this strain, so perhaps enjoy it while watching a funny movie. The Users experience happy, relaxing, euphoric, giggly effects from Cherry Runtz, which generates a head and body high. This strain is best enjoyed at night. Stress, depression, and pain are all said to be alleviated by Cherry Runtz.

Dank Dough

Dank Dough is a hybrid strain that is somewhat sativa dominant. The flavor of this bud is exactly as it sounds: doughy, nutty, and sweet. The name Dank Dough refers to a sweet doughy and nutty flavor that is complemented by a punch of sweet fruits and dank skunk. Fresh, sweet raspberries and tart citrus combine with skunky dank notes and sour red currants to create a powerful, pungent aroma. The cerebral high comes first, with a mild tingle and an increase in spirits.

Key Lime Mintz

Blue Lime Pie and SinMint Cookies are two evenly balanced hybrid strains that have been cross-bred to create Key Lime Mints. This delightful nug has tastes of lime, sugar cookie, and mint, as the name suggests. With cerebral and physical effects to help you transition into a peaceful state of mind and body, this strain is considered by some to be the gold standard for hybrids.

Motorbreath #15

The Chem D strain produces a wonderful balance of body-high couchlock and the crisp cerebral effects produced by classic OG bud colors and structure. Once the deep diesel gas and woodsy smells and flavor sets in, the high-powered effects of this indica-dominant hybrid quickly become apparent. This is a perfect strain for socializing and enjoying conversation with friends. The couch-locking body effects are also ideal for pain relief and relaxation.

Peyote Cookies

Peyote Cookies is a highly Indica-dominant hybrid. As a result, some users experience difficulty even detecting the tiniest amount of Sativa DNA left in this flower. Its high resistance to molds makes it an ideal candidate for novices trying their hand at marijuana. The flowers have a pleasant yet earthy scent, which is complemented by tropical fruits and nutty vanilla. The tastes you experience when smoking are similar, with many individuals remarking on a combination of vanilla and coffee with fruity guava.


The energy, creativity, and uplifting qualities of an outlaw are pure sativa effects.  This is a strain that’s ideal for beginning your day or refreshing your tired mind and body at the end of the day. The Outlaw from Boulder Built is not as intense as other pure sativas, which can suffocate and overwhelm the user in delight. Under the influence of Outlaw’s functional high, you can actually do things.

The Last Toke

Thanks for reading, and please check back often as we continue to highlight our favorite strains on our blog. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about a particular strain, our knowledgeable and friendly staff at Frost Exotic Cannabis in Denver, Colorado are always happy to help.

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