7 Tips for Storing Your Cannabis at Home in Denver’s Dry Climate

Edibles, tinctures, and cannabis concentrate all come with storage instructions so you can get the most out of each product and prevent it from expiring too quickly. However—while pure cannabis flower doesn’t technically have an expiration date—light, air, and moisture can all degrade its quality. The dry climate in Denver can turn your weed to swag quickly, if not properly stored and protected.

7 Things to Do When Learning How to Store Cannabis

Here are our tips for how to store cannabis, so you can make sure it’s ready to smoke when you are. 

Never Let Your Buds Near Plastic

The static charge from plastic containers can destroy trichomes—the hairs between the buds of good cannabis. It can also crush your flower, change its taste, and leach odors. 

Use Parchment Paper for Protection When Needed

If you can’t use any storage container but plastic, lessen the damage by gently wrapping your cannabis in paper or a napkin first. Parchment paper is popular for storing cannabis concentrates. If you keep your flower in it, you’ll also have a ready-made surface space to use while handling it later on.

Keep Cannabis in Airtight Glass

When you store something in glass containers, nothing comes in or goes out until you open it back up again. Glass is also odorless, so it won’t affect the taste of your cannabis like metal containers can. Mason jars are a popular choice as they’re aesthetically pleasing and available to buy everywhere. 

Make Sure Your Glass Jar is the Right Size

When choosing a jar, think about how much cannabis you’re going to put in it. If you use a large jar for just a couple of buds, there’ll be a lot of oxygen trapped in with your cannabis. Try to match size and quantity. Alternatively, you can vacuum seal jars by using canning equipment. 

Store Your Cannabis in a Cool, Dark Place

Nothing degrades cannabinoids faster than light. Unless you have a clear glass jar with an anti-UV coating, you’ll need to stow your cannabis in a cupboard or drawer out of direct light. Try to also keep your jar’s temperature under 70° F.

Don’t store it around electronics or other appliances that give off heat. If your jar gets too warm it may ‘sweat’ inside, putting your buds at risk of developing mold. 

Be Mindful of Humidity

This is something to watch closely if you live in Denver. If your flower becomes too humid, mildew and other mold contaminants can develop. But if it gets too dry, the trichomes can become brittle. If you can, keep the humidity of your cannabis between 59% and 63% RH. Boveda packs can help with this. 

Store Different Strains Individually

If you have more than one strain, put them in separate containers. Each strain has a unique cannabinoid profile and flavors from its terpenes. Don’t store smoking equipment in the same container, as ash and resin from burnt cannabis can affect your fresh flower’s aroma. 

How Long Could Your Cannabis Last? 

When stored in optimal conditions, cannabis can maintain its potency and flavor for anywhere from six months to a year. If you’re on the lookout for cannabis deals in Denver, head to Frost Denver Dispensary, the best dispensary in Colorado.

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