5 Types of Edibles You Can Buy in Denver

The US cannabis market is packed with ready-made edible products right now — from peanut butter cups to lozenges and even sodas, too. Consumers can even buy healthy choices, like low-calorie drinks and capsules. Cannabis edibles in Colorado are leading the way. In fact, we’re willing to bet you’ll never stop finding different Denver weed edibles to try. 


Chocolates are a popular choice of edible since cocoa hides the ‘green’ taste some other edibles have. And there are plenty of both high and low-dose cannabis chocolates available. What could be more inconspicuous than a chocolate treat? Opt for a 100g block of peanut butter chocolate that you can break up yourself. Or get some bite-sized dark milk chocolate gems for more precise dosing. 

Other delicious chocolate edibles include Go Energy Dark Chocolate Gems for an uplifting Sativa high, or the CBD-rich, crispy wafer Dutch Girl Chocolate Stroopwafel


Available in every fruity flavor you can think of, gummies are attractive, enticing, and fun to consume. You’ll feel their effects within 30 minutes to two hours after consumption, and they come in a wide range of both low and high-dose options. Gummies make weed consumption simple for almost any cannabis-curious adult. 

For a pure THC high, Blackberry Lemonade Gummies from Altus hit the spot. Or if you’re looking to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD, try out low-THC Wana’s 10:1 Sour Strawberry Gummies


Drinks work faster than other edibles, so you should expect to feel their effects within 30 minutes of consumption. This makes them a great choice if you’re looking for a quicker cannabis hit without the effort of rolling a joint or packing a bong. Previously reserved for high-tolerance users, there are now more low-dose drinks options on the market in the last few years. 

How about all of the traditional American flavor of a root beer with a dose of 10mg hybrid THC? The Keef Bubba Kush Root Beer has you sorted. 

Capsules & Tablets

Cannabis tablets contain different formulations, ratios, and extra therapeutic ingredients, and they’re most popular with medical marijuana patients. They’re especially useful for users with certain allergies or diabetes, or who are simply trying to avoid the sugars and fats found in most edibles. 

CBD and Indica-dominant 1906 Chill Drops are infused with two other plants renowned for easing anxiety and an overactive mind. Or for a totally different experience, 1906’s Love Drops for Arousal contain five herbal aphrodisiacs alongside an equal ratio blend of THC and CBD. 


Unlike other edibles, chews are designed to be chewed for a long time. This means the cannabinoids can be absorbed through the glands underneath your tongue. When they enter the bloodstream sublingually they don’t need to be processed through the liver, so you’ll feel the effects a lot faster. 

Try the super-sweet Hybrid Sour Apple Taffy from Cheeba Chews. Or for a treat that will send you to sleep at night, their chocolatey Sleepy Time chews are infused with THC, CBN, and melatonin. 

Treat Edibles With Caution

Remember that edibles usually take longer than other consumption methods to set in — this means waiting for at least two to four hours before you take another dose. 

‌We’ve given you just a taste of the cannabis edibles we have available in-store at Frost Denver Dispensary. Visit our online shop to order for pickup, or come down to the best dispensary for edibles in Denver to see our full selection.

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