The 10 Best-Selling Pre-Rolls in Colorado

The joint has been around nearly as long as humans have been smoking cannabis. It’s a basic concept: A marijuana cigarette. For most of time, all joints were pretty much the same. There were skilled rollers who could roll joints that were superior to others, but they were all just marijuana trim or flower in rolling paper.

The legalization of marijuana changed all of that. Once joints hit the free market, joint-making creativity exploded. Today, there are hundreds of companies making unique pre-rolled joints for the cannabis consumer market.

Let’s count down the top-selling pre-rolls in our home state of Colorado today. 

one eleven rosin stick

10. One Eleven Rosin Stick

The Rosin Stick is a single-source product made from hand-trimmed flowers, double-pressed rosin, and slow-sifted kief. They are packaged in a glass tube to keep them fresh and protected from air. With both live rosin and kief along for the ride, this is no wimpy joint. Buckle up!

willie's reserve double barrel pre-roll

9. Willie’s Reserve Double Barrel Pre-Roll

The Willie’s Reserve line of products pay homage to this tradition of sharing and caring by offering unique blends of cannabis. As marijuana legalization spreads across the country, it shouldn’t be surprising that Willie is one of the most enthusiastic and committed supporters of the movement.

Willie’s Double Barrel pre-rolls are ideal for travel. They’re a must for those who prefer the traditional smoking method of fire, paper, and flower.

the flower collective bubble infused pre-roll

8. TFC Hybrid Bubble-Infused Joint

7. TFC Sativa Bubble-Infused Joint

The Flower Collective Bubble-Infused joints are made up of five parts Flower and one part Bubble Hash. With a weight of.7 grams, they will quickly satisfy the most discriminating smokers and entertain a crowd.

The flower and hash produced by TheFlowerCollective (TFC) have comparable viscosities or thickness of texture. They pay close attention to the viscosity and the hand inspection of each piece they make, resulting in a slow burn and a consistent hit. TFC’S signature Bubble Hash is also rich in terpenes which provide these luxurious joints with their distinctive aromas and characteristics.

toast classic pre-roll

6. Toast Classic Pre-Roll (1g)

Regardless of how you cut it, Toast offers some tasty pre-rolls. Made from 100% hemp-based wraps, these classic cones are filled with your choice of indica, sativa, or hybrid cannabis.

5. Kaviar Hybrid Infused Pre-Roll 

kaviar infused pre-roll

4. Kaviar Indica Infused Pre-Roll

3. Kaviar Sativa Infused Pre-Roll

If you want to enjoy a powerful, uniquely different high, treat yourself to an indulgent pre-rolled joint by  Kaviar. Kaviar’s pre-rolls are made from premium buds that have been soaked in hash oil, coated with kief, wrapped in raw paper, and then topped off with an engraved glass smoking tip. The cones are available in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid varieties. The trifecta of cannabis components delivers a stronger, instantaneously cerebral effect, while the intensely pleasant flavor lingers. They also burn slowly because they’re made from hash oil, which makes them an ideal choice for sharing with friends.

2. Toast Classic Pre-Roll (.05 g)

Like the 1g Toast Classic Pre-Roll, but smaller. These little “dog-walkers” are perfect for your solo adventures. Just like the larger version, these small joints are wrapped in 100% hemp-based paper.

nectarbee slim pre-roll

1. Nectarbee Slim Pre-Roll

With two brands of smaller pre-rolls topping the list, it seems perhaps solo-toking is “in” in Colorado right now. Nectarbee’s Slim Pre-Roll is also a .5g joint, though, as the name implies, they opted for a slim and longer joint rather than the short and stubby variety.

The Last Toke

While a few infused pre-roll creations cracked the top ten, most of the best-sellers are still plain ol’ cannabis and paper, proving that good things often come in simple, and time-tested, packages. Frost Denver Dispensary has many pre-roll varieties in stock. Stop by and see what suits your pleasure!


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